Client Feature – Gillian Reckler on Addressing Chronic Pain and Building Strength

Gillian Reckler has been a familiar face in our office for the last six months, and her hard work has been paying off. Gillian has experienced major improvements in her ability to live and move pain free, as well as performance gains in masters swimming! We are excited to share her story here, and celebrate her achievements, and we are forever thankful to be able to pour into the lives of amazing people like Gillian every day.

From Gillian:

“I was excited after my initial evaluation with Jonathan, Miguel, David, TJ, and the rest of the team, but I still would have never expected to be where I am today from a results and performance perspective.

My eval seemed to last for hours which seemed odd, because after trying physical therapy numerous times over the past 15 years no one had ever spent more than 30 minutes with me. The breadth and depth of their assessment was like nothing I’d ever experienced and Jonathan explained a plan that I was confident in.

For context, 15 years ago my running career ended abruptly after a 5 level fusion in my thoracic spine. (small fact – I ran at Stanford a few years ahead of Jonathan 🙂 just not as fast as he was) After that I found other sports and have stayed very active, but have struggled with injuries and chronic pain because of poor mechanics and movement patterns as a result of the fusion.

Within 3 months of my eval at Kinetik, I was a whole new person – Jonathan & TJ got my body back in alignment, and David spent hours with me on the ATOM retraining scapular mobility and positioning to take the stress off of my hardware and lower back. The chronic discomfort went away, and no words really describe how great that feels. Mari stepped in when I was cleared to workout again and we’ve made huge strides in the gym– not just weight-wise but restoring my confidence again and reminding me that there is more that I can do and less that I “can’t”.

Outside of Kinetik, I swim with a masters team, and it’s been fun to see the application of what we do in the gym to the pool and I’m soooo close to getting my 100 meter interval time down to 1:30 from 1:45.

The whole team at Kinetik has been amazing, I love the energy from the minute I walk in the door and it really does feel like the whole team is part of the success that we’ve achieved.”

Keep going Gillian! We can’t wait to celebrate with you when you get that 1:30 — you definitely CAN!

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