Strength and Mobility for Runners

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Take our online strength and mobility class to prevent injury, get stronger, and become a more complete runner than you were before!


When you purchase a monthly subscription, you receive:

  • One weekly email with 4 class recordings
    • 1 pre-run routine
    • 1 post-run routine
    • 1 strength routine
    • 1 mobility routine
  • Access to twice-monthly live virtual classes to provide you with instructor feedback and accountability


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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Strength and Mobility for Runners

  1. Pat Kelly

    This class gives a lot of bang for the buck. In just 30 minutes, we have the opportunity to work on both strength and mobility. I like how the exercises can be done with very few props, and they are easily adaptable so they can also be done on a track or in a park as part of pre run or post run routine. The cues are easy to follow, and I find it helpful that each class has a different focus – core, hips, glutes or knees, etc.
    – Pat Kelly

  2. Heidi See

    As runners its important to understand how muscle patterns can effect our performance, and Kinetik’s virtual classes are a great tool for this. During the class, Jonathan walks you through the exercises step by step, and is also available for any questions throughout the entire session. Being able to stay in the comfort of my home, but at the same time feel a strong sense of guidance and interaction is a hard concept to accomplish, yet Jonathan is very effective with this. Every class is different and has been very valuable in improving my form and preventing the onset of injuries.
    – Heidi See

  3. Matthew Debelak

    I’ve only been doing this class for a month, and this past weekend I ran a bunch of hills that were very rocky. I think because of all the different isolation and movement things that I’ve been doing in this class, at other times I would have completely busted myself or rolled an ankle, but I have noticed that I have been able to go with things and recover better, and it’s been great!
    – Matthew Debelak

  4. Lee Bonno

    I’m really enjoying these classes! Jonathan’s selection of exercises is excellent for the focus of each day’s class. And each class targets a key area runners need to work on. He does a great job demonstrating each movement and the role it plays in improving your running. As you work along with him, you know how to perform each exercise correctly as well as what to be aware of and not do. I also really like the recap so if your schedule prevents you from participating in the class “live” you can do it later. Also, if there is an exercise you want to work on, or one you want to do as a warmup before you run, you can call up the video and do it. That’s a real plus! These classes can make you sweat, but it’s so worth it! Thank you!
    – Lee Bonno

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