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Optimize movement and restore function with elite Providers specializing in a diverse range of modalities.
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Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique is the gold standard in soft tissue care, used to treat athletic and overuse injuries. It is a patented, scientifically based treatment and diagnostic system which is recognized and used worldwide to treat anyone including elite/everyday athletes, those recovering from surgery, and people experiencing chronic pain. Read more about ART here.

    • New Patient / New Injury Assessment — 75 minutes
      Book this option if you are new to the office for manual therapy, or have a new problem that may require evaluation.
    • Treatment Visit — 40 minutes
      Typical office visits for follow-up or maintenance care are standard at 40min, higher and lower complexity visits are available by request with a corresponding adjustment to price.
    • Phone Consultation — 40 minutes
      Book this (in as many 40 minute units as you desire) if you are a new/existing remote client of Jonathan’s and want a Facetime or phone consult.



Jeffrey specializes in therapeutic massage to reduce pain and increase performance. His advanced techniques help with back pain, joint pain, headaches, numbness and tingling, posture, and performance.

    • 90 minute massage – $115
    • 60 minute massage – $85
    • 25 minute massage – $50

Performance and Rehabilitation

Performance & Rehabilitation

Whether you seek to rehabilitate an injury, to enhance sport performance, or to improve fitness levels, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a truly unique integration of biomechanics, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitative exercises.

    • Initial Assessment — 85 minutes
      This initial appointment for a new client allows for a Q&A intake period, range of motion assessment, targeted muscle testing, and postural and mechanical analysis, leading to a specific prescription of stretches and exercises.
    • Injury Rehabilitation — 55 minutes
      For a client working back to full strength/performance after an injury or surgery, this appointment utilizes various rehabilitative strategies  leading to eliminated pain, enhanced biomechanics, optimal ranges of motion, restored body alignment, and increased postural strength.
    • One-on-One Training — 55 minutes
      Strength and conditioning developed through experience, collaboration with elite experts, and research – our trainers work with you to optimize athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury.
    • Small Group Training — 55 minutes
      We apply our strength and conditioning protocols (as detailed above) to a small-group setting (3 – 4 individuals) allowing you to train with friends, family, or teammates.


Acupuncture & Functional Medicine

Acupuncture improves physiological function and aids the body in its natural healing process by stimulating specific points in the body (acupoints). Needling is the most well-known form this stimulation takes but other methods may be used: pressure, heat, electrical stimulation and manual therapy are among these.


Heidi Barker also holds a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) and offers consultations in conjunction with ordering lab work, hormone panel testing, and other evaluations of optimal functioning of the body. She is happy to work in collaboration with your primary care provider or other doctors. Schedule normal 30 or 60 minute treatment with her to utilize this service; contact us if you would prefer a phone consult.

    • 90 minute Initial Assessment — Ian
      This longer appointment allows sufficient time for Ian to process any new client or significant new presentation of symptoms.
    • 75 minute Treatment — Ian
      Book this appointment for standard treatment visits with Ian.
    • 60 minute Treatment — Heidi
      Book this appointment for standard treatment visits. FRIDAYS at Kinetik Office.
    • 30 minute Treatment — Heidi
      Heidi offers an efficient shorter visit for those needing to get in and out quickly for some maintenance work. FRIDAYS at Kinetik Office.
    • Tues/Wed/Thurs Kensington Office 30 or 60 Minute Treatment — Heidi
      Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays there are regular office hours at Heidi’s home office in Kensington. Email us with questions about this location/appt. (Note that it may appear that you are booking at the Kinetik office but these days Heidi is always in Kensington).

Spinal Decompression

ELDOA Training

    • ELDOA Training — 30 minutes
      This is a one on one training on the ELDOA method. ELDOA are spinal decompression exercises designed to improve the health of the spine and therefore the individual. The goal is to reduce pain and compression while increasing mobility and performance. The private lesson allows the trainer to give his full attention to the client and tailor the session to meet each individual’s needs.

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Muscle Systems

    • Muscle System Initial Diagnostic Evaluation — 90 minutes
      This 90 minute Initial Diagnostic Evaluation will go through the whole body system, head to toe, to identify any significant imbalances and deficiencies. We will work to locate specific positions of low quality force production and motion and prescribe exercises and future steps.
    • Muscle System Optimization Appointment — 30, 45, or 60 minutes
      This is a regular appointment working on the areas that have found to be problematic, plus educating the client on how to move properly overall. The focus is on improving motor control which is the process by which humans use their brains to activate and coordinate the muscles and limbs used to perform a motor skill.

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