Visiting Athlete

If you are not from the San Diego area, consider making our facility a destination to receive some intensive therapy. Come for two days or two weeks, as your schedule and needs allow.


San Diego has near-perfect weather year round, which makes it a favorite destination for many of our elite athletes looking to rehab, and get a training boost in the process.


We will work with you to set up an ideal schedule of multiple appointments with our providers over the course of your stay. We will also do our best to help with any necessary arrangements for your training to proceed as normal in local venues, and provide advice on housing options and any other needs, as well as entertainment and dining options. Please contact us with a brief summary of your current injury status and/or performance goals, your preferred dates and timeline, and any other pertinent information and we would be happy to discuss further how we can serve you.

Chris Derrick
Whenever I have a problem that I can't get rid of, I go to San Diego and see Jon. He gets an incredible amount done in just a couple days. Most importantly, I always leave with a better understanding of my issues and thorough rehab program so I can continue to progress on my own. Plus, the weather is usually pretty great.

Chris Derrick
3x United States Cross Country Champion 2013-2015
14x NCAA D1 All-American at Stanford University
5000m Former American Junior Record Holder

Kristi Eramo
I have seen many care providers and no one compares to Kinetik Performance. Jonathan and Heidi are top notch. They truly took a personal interest in me and were determined to fix whatever problem or pain I was suffering from. They not only fixed the issue but educated me on how to prevent the issue from happening again. They are the ultimate problem solvers that are constantly learning and growing and it shows in the care they provide.

Kristi Eramo
13th Individual Woman at The CrossFit Games 2017

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