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This week, we want to highlight our partnership with the Golden Coast Track Club (or GCTC), and point readers to the resources and professional expertise that they offer. Kinetik has been fortunate to collaborate with GCTC and its founders, Terrence Mahon and Jennifer Rhines, in technical discussions at provider roundtables, attending running events for the local community, developing new services for our running clientele at Kinetik (such as the Biomechanics Lab), and of course, treating GCTC professional athletes, who regularly train in the Kinetik facility. This partnership reaches back years prior to the establishment of Kinetik, when Jonathan Pierce was an athlete in the Mammoth Track Club, where Terrence coached from 2005-2012.



Elite Coaching Experience


Terrence Mahon has been an elite coach of middle and long distance running for the last fifteen years, working at the highest level of professional racing. In that time, he has coached numerous Olympians and worked for UK Athletics, Mammoth Track Club, and Boston Athletic Association before founding GCTC with Jen Rhines.

Jen Rhines is a 3-time Olympian in the 10k (2000), Marathon (2004), and 5k (2008). She is also a 5-time NCAA Champion and an 11-time World Championship team member. She is also a certified health coach, and co-founded the GCTC.

You can read more about Jen and Terrence’s experience and interests here.



Training Plans, Workshops, and More


We recommend that all our running clientele and community check out GCTC’s training plans. Whether your goal is to earn a college running scholarship, improve your 5k PR, or compete among the best in your age group, you can benefit from the vision and structure of a carefully designed training program.

GCTC offers free plans for 8-16 weeks, written to accommodate different levels of mileage and focused on performing at distances of either 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon. Paid (or “premium”) plans are also available for those who are interested in a higher level of customization. GCTC training plans also include some tips on strength training and nutrition, plus they have a separate nutrition guide with recipes and the reasoning behind them.

Learn more about the training plans here or email info@goldencoasttrackclub.com if you have any questions.


GCTC is also partnering with Kinetik’s Jonathan Pierce to offer a series of summer running workshops. These presentations are being held on Zoom to ensure the safety and accessibility of the event for anyone who wants to participate. Two of the three workshops are still to come this week and next, so you can click below to reserve your spot today! Each workshop costs only $10.

Nutrition for Runners

Led by Jen Rhines & Jonathan Pierce, Thursday, August 20th, 5:30 pm. Sign Up Now!

Injury Prevention for Runners

Led by Terrence Mahon & Jonathan Pierce, Thursday, August 27th, 5:30 pm. Sign Up Now!


You can also browse GCTC’s website, available at https://goldencoasttrackclub.com/, to learn more about their approach to training and wellness and their team of professional athletes, or to support them by purchasing some team merchandise!





We hope that this post provides a brief introduction to GCTC, since you may see the team working out in the gym (or at present, in the parking lot!) at Kinetik, and since they are a key partner in providing expertise in coaching, training, and treatment to our San Diego running community and beyond.







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